DevOps Course

    Course Description

    DevOps Syllabus

    This course covers all the fundamentals of DevOps principles and tools. A lot of companies are adopting DevOps and increasing time to market by using automated workflows and deployments. You will hear buzzwords such as CI/CD, pipelines, Jenkins, Docker, containers, cloud, and Kubernetes. This course will guide you through all these topics and help you understand why we need to use them, what each of them really does.

    What tools I will learn – DevOps ?

    During DevOps course we will work with git and gitlab. learn what is a git flow and how to setup proper branching. We will cover the basics of CI/CD using Gitlab Ci and Jenkins. How containers work using Docker, also later in course we also cover container orchestration tools docker swarm and Kubernetes. Infrastructure as a code using ansible and terraform.

           DevOps Course Structure 

    Course total duration is 6 months. learning process consists of 125 hours. 2 hour per session. During lectures, the course instructor will make a presentation and provide all learning materials and also give students practical exams. Will setup a lab environment, where all participants can implement discussed topics and do practical work.

    DevOps Course Instructors:

    Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili – Co-founder of DevOps Georgia, Head of DevOps unit at Bank of Georgia.

    Erekle Magradze – Ilia State University Associate professor, Head of BigData Analytics and DevOps Division

    The course is 125 hours

    6 Month

    The cost of the course is 565 GEL per month

    To get to the course you must register on our site

    Lectures are held two times a week and the length of each lecture is 2 hours