Front End Course

The Frontend course is the ideal solution for those who have a great interest in the IT industry

    Course Description



    Front-end Development Course

    The Frontend course is the ideal solution for those who have a great interest in the IT industry, minimal experience in developing web applications and a tendency for creative problem-solving. The profession of Frontend developer allows you to progress constantly and our mentors will help you choose the right direction for your skills improving. The training program focuses on the project work so that students will understand in practice what skills need to be a leader in IT market.

    Who will benefit?

    • beginners in programming (people without experience) who want to learn progressive web development for their future
    • those who wish to obtain basic knowledge in a multi-paradigm and popular JavaScript programming language
    • those who wish to learn how to develop interactive, functional and modern websites from scratch completing a full cycle of training – from design and layout to testing and support
    • anyone who wants to become a modern web developer and be aware of the latest trends of Frontend and web technologies
    • anyone who wishes to be competitive for the fast-growing market of Frontend-developers
    • those who wish to learn how to write code on real cases and with practical examples
    • those who wish to develop the skills of teamwork and self-presentation


    Also, students will become familiar with the order of event processing, interaction with the DOM browser, callback functions. In the course, students will learn how to work with the developer’s console, debug and check the code for errors. There is an introduction to the JQuery library, working with DOM, event management, AJAX calls.
    After the end of the first two modules, students will be able to create a simple web page with the necessary layout and interactive behavior.

    Training on the standards of the Web Workers API, WebSocket, JSONP, AJAX, XMLHttpRequest, COMET, Promise, CORS, Single Page Application, general information about the RESTful API, code testing using the Jasmine framework.
    The module is built taking the latest standards in the industry into account.

    Also within the module, there will be considered one of the most popular CSS preprocessors – SASS, its syntax, settings, and integration with the collector Gulp.

    At the end of the module, students can easily create quick applications that will work in real time (real-time applications) and create and use various REST APIs (using the popular Express.js framework).

    You will be able to:

    Know the popular programming language JavaScript and be able to work with it

    • to implement the most optimal approaches for solving complex problems
    • know the React.js, Node, Express.js, and other frameworks
    • develop Web Interfaces and Web Apps
    • read someone else’s code with an understanding of its work
    • test and scale web applications
    • know Frontend and Backend Basic

    Conditions of Enrollment:

    • Age from 16 years
    • knowledge of English is not lower than Pre-Intermediate
    • Successful passing of testing
    • Sesire to learn and develop

    *Technical knowledge/education is optional

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The course is 250 hours

    The cost of the course is 565GEL per month.

    To get to the course you must register on our site

    Lectures are held three times a week and the length of each lecture is 3 hours

    Yes, you will be awarded Techub Academy Certificate