UI UX Design Professional Course

    Course Description

    UI/UX Design professional course

    You Wll Learn

    UI/UX Design Professional Course

    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are high-demand fields in the media and entertainment industry. The skills and knowledge you will gain at Arena Animation will be applicable to a wide variety of careers. The skills and experience you will learn on the course will be used to create a diverse career. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to independently develop a user-oriented web and application design with a visually sophisticated, structured interface

    Who will benefit?

    • This course is for student who has good knowledge of Windows/Mac
    • Web surfing and has elementary knowledge with Photoshop and Illustrator, Sketch or Adobe Xd
    • For graphic designers
    • For developers
    • For startupers
    • For marketers
    • For Product Managers
    • For HR managers
    • Anyone who wants to study web application design

    Course Syllabus

    User interface

    • UI aesthetics
    • Web sites for inspiration
    • Alignment
    • Spacing
    • Lightning & Shadows
    • Consistency
    • Design Thinking



    • HSB, RGB
    • Gray – most important color
    • Choosing Colors
    • Primary Color
    • Secondary Color
    • Dark Interfaces
    • Gradients



    • Terminology
    • Choosing fonts
    • Styling fonts
    • Saving styles


    UI Components

    • Form Controls
    • Form controls in different states: error mode, warning mode, disable, readonly …
    • Icon Creation and Editing
    • Icon Design ( Using different web sites )
    • Images ( Using different libraries and web sites )


    Responsive Design

    • Grids
    • Design For web 1360, 1280
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Mobile Design 320


    UI consistency

    • Symbols
    • Styles
    • Colors
    • Design system
    • Accessibility


    Mobile App Design

    • iOS libraries (Guidelines) general review
    • Android libraries (Guidelines) general review
    • Differences between Operation System during design
    • Using Design elements.


    UX Design

    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping
    • User research
    • User personas


    Final Project

    The project simulate Real life project. The student will be provided task description/requirements to create Web site. In the first week we will work with  audience to provide feedback in process of working, Will give directions during working on task. On the next week we will receive accomplished tasks by users and help them to improve details and achieve maximum quality during creation of design. Design that will be possible to add in a portfolio and show to the future clients. 

    What the student will learn, what will he capable to do at the end of the course

    This course gives the student possibility  to learn UI/UX design from scratch. Give them all important knowledge and skills to know how to create web site according task. Which tools and resources use to create valuable and aesthetic design. How to understand problem and then fide right design solution.  The course will prepare it’s graduates to find its first job in the industry as a junior UI UX specialist or to enhance its current capabilities

    Conditions of Enrollment:

    • Age from 18 years
    • knowledge of English is not lower than Pre-Intermediate
    • Sesire to learn and develop


    The course duration is 3 months

    The cost of the course is 565 GEL per month.

    To get to the course you must register on our site

    Lectures are held two times a week and the length of each lecture is 2 hours

    Yes, you will be awarded Techub Academy Certificate